In the heart of Salem County, NJ

Yard Sale Information

Woodstown has an annual Community Wide Yard Sale the first Saturday in May.  This is the only day residents do not need a permit to have a yard sale.


The second Saturday in May is Give Away Day.  On Give Away Day anything you set out is free and you CANNOT sale anything on this day. 


Besides those two days listed above you must have a yard sale permit before the day of your sale.


Come to the Clerk's Office with:


  1. Your Name and the address of the sale
  2. Date of the sale (Recommended: a rain date as backup)
  3. $15.00 ($5.00 yard sale fee, $10.00 deposit on signs)


Our Yard Sale signs were instituted a number of years ago to stop the paper signs hung from telephone poles that become litter in other towns. Our signs are the only off-site signs you can use to advertise your sale.


Place the signs between the curb and the sidewalk at the end of your block on both ends pointing toward your house. Please pick the signs up promptly after your sale so that your signs do not burden your neighbors.


When you return your three signs you will be refunded your $10.00 deposit back.


25 West Ave., Woodstown, NJ 08098 / 856-769-2200